Product Review: Plastic-Free Toilet Brush

After being inspired by great blogs such as My Plastic-Free Life and Plastic Manners, I decided to try to avoid plastic as much as possible.  I do this partly by trying not to buy things that I don’t need.  But when I need something, I do my best to try to find plastic-free alternatives.  That’s why I love the Life Without Plastic store.

We just moved into a new house with two extra bathrooms so I found myself in need of new toilet brushes.  I was convinced that I would never find a plastic-free alternative.  So I started researching ways to clean toilets without a special toilet brush.  There weren’t very many options that didn’t involve sticking my hands in the bowl or using toxic cleaners.

But then I found a great site called Life Without Plastic.  Not only do they have plastic-free toilet brushes but they also have a ton of other plastic-free products for home, bath, food storage, water storage and more.



The toilet brush I bought is constructed from untreated sustainably harvested beechwood with natural fiber bristles from the Agave tree.  It comes with a beechwood stand (that can be mounted on a wall) and a sweet little ceramic plate to collect water.  It is manufactured by a small family company in Germany.  Not only is the brush completely plastic-free but it is absolutely beautiful (which is usually pretty hard to say about a toilet brush).  And of course it does a great job cleaning toilets.

NOTICE: I purchased this product myself and did not receive any compensation from Life Without Plastic for this review.

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