My Summer Bucket List

It’s the same story every year.  I come up with a huge list of all the things I want to do during the summer, and then summer passes by before I realize it.  This summer is moving by especially fast since I am due to have a baby by the end of it.  Of course, I have another massive list of all that I want to accomplish but I’m trying not to stress myself out over it.  Summer is supposed be about having fun, right?

So here is my summer bucket list:

  1. Camp in the backyard
  2. Swim at the pool at least once a week
  3. Visit our local spray parks at least once a week
  4. Go to Six Flags (this is for my husband’s Father’s Day present) six-flags-summer-bucket-list
  5. Participate in the Summer Reading Club at the library
  6. Have a lot of picnics
  7. Make popsicles
  8. Play in the sprinkler
  9. Go to VA Beach and Jamestown
  10. Pick berries, peaches and apples picking-blueberries-raspberries-summer-bucket-list
  11. Do a nature color scavenger hunt
  12. Keep an nature/animal journal
  13. Create an outdoor play kitchen (make mudpies)
  14. Make a flower garden
  15. Make art with pressed flowers, including Flower Stained Glass
  16. Learn finger knitting and teach it to Monster
  17. Create a magical outdoor play space with logs, sticks, tent, zip line, sandbox, stepping stones, water wall and fairy lands
  18. Take daily walks at dusk
  19. Teach Monster to ride a bike without training wheels
  20. Visit new playgrounds

I have already accomplished numbers 4, 5, 8, part of 10, 14, and part of 17.  So I’m off to a good start.

This list does not include all of the field trips that I want to take with my son as part of his homeschooling.  I will share that list in my next post.

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