Links I Love This Week :: Apr 7, 2013

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I love that spring is finally here! We spent the whole day outside today hiking in the woods and playing on a small beach by the river. My little girl got to stick her hands and feet in the sand for the first time, and she couldn’t get enough of it. Monster collected tadpoles, studied them and then gently returned them to the water. On Friday, Monster and his friend (a sweet older girl who lives nearby) collected dozens of daffodils from the woods and put them in a vase for me. My house smells like springtime now!

Links I Love This Week and Enjoying the Warm Spring Weather |

My husband and I spent a lot of time yesterday discussing the garden issue. For the past two years, we planted a massive garden (see my posts on Preparing my Backyard Garden and Checking in on the Garden). Honestly, we bit off way more than we could chew. Last year was a huge failure in my mind because I was too pregnant to keep up with it and we got very little out of it when the pests and disease were done with it. This year, we have a baby. So we decided to focus more on her and her brother rather than on the garden. So we are trying to decide whether to put in a couple of small raised bed gardens instead. The big question is, will it make sense financially? Especially if we aren’t sure whether we will be in this house next year (we are renting). Will the cost of the frame and the soil and the plants be less than purchasing the same produce from our local farmer’s market? Is it worth the effort? We still haven’t come to a decision but I think we are leaning toward not doing it this year at all. If you are working on a garden this year, be sure to check out my post on Avoiding Toxins in the Garden.

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