How to Have a Toxin-Free Halloween

Halloween is one of those holidays (like so many others) that results in a significant amount of waste.  Even worse, dangerous toxins can be found in everything from the costumes and decorations to the candy and treats.  Sure those gummy rats and candy eyeballs are really cool to look at but they are inevitably made in China and chock full of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.

organic pumpkin patch on halloween

In our household, we will once again be making our own costumes.  Monster wants to be a firefly so I am thinking about organic black pajamas with cardboard wings and battery-operated Christmas lights for the glow.  Since we don’t live in a neighborhood anymore, I won’t have to worry about handing out candy but I will be “trading” safe treats for any of the artificial candies that Monster collects this year.

In 2010, I reviewed everything from pumpkins to face paint.  Rather than reinvent the wheel, I am including links to all of those entries here.  Have a great green Halloween!

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