Good Deed #9 – Dumpster Diving for Storage Containers

GOOD DEED - Reuse Pickle Jars from Five Guys. Save resources and energy and get some free storage for your flour or art supplies |

I’m not normally the type to go digging through someone else’s trash. But it’s hard to ignore perfectly good, enormous jars sitting right next to the door at Five Guys.

You could easily spend $15 or $20 on storage jars this size at some place like Target. And if I just let these jars continue on their path to the recycling plant, it will require a good deal of energy and resources to transport them, break them down and turn them into something new. The energy required for me to turn them into something new? Almost none.

I have repurposed these lovely jars into storage containers for my rolled oats and flour. I plan to rescue more jars and use them for storing art and craft supplies, snacks, cat food and anything else I can think of. They would even make fantastic terrariums (see my post on making a terrarium out of stuff from your backyard).

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