Good Deed #13 – Do Small Acts of Kindness Around Town

GOOD DEED - Do small good deeds such as opening doors and letting people merge |

We spent the day away from the cozy comforts of our rural home and drove into town for a day of fun and good deeds.

First, we went to an art festival held at the local art center. Then we went to the Tom Tom Founders Festival, a local festival filled with innovative talks, pitch competitions, food, concerts and more. We enjoyed a picnic where we feasted on local food and enjoyed local music.

Do small good deeds while you are out having fun |

I used our outing as an opportunity to show my kids that not all good deeds have to be big or involve money. On the way into town, I practiced some friendly driving – letting cars merge, stopping for pedestrians and letting other drivers go before me at stop signs.

While we were at a small shop, my son was inspired to do his own good deed and held the door open for a whole line of people. We practiced saying “thank you” and “excuse me” while navigating through a crowd of people. And we let someone know when he dropped a coin on the ground.

The picnic was a ton of fun but also created a huge amount of trash. We made sure to clean up after ourselves and pick up some stray trash at the same time.

Even if you don’t have a lot of time or money, I hope you are inspired to perform your own small acts of kindness!

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