Good Deed #10 – Use Reusable Take-Out Containers

Good Deed - Reusable Take-Out Containers |

We eat out a lot. With two kids, three businesses, and homeschooling, I often run out of time or energy when it comes to dinner. And when I eat out, I almost always have leftovers.

I’m a big believer in leftovers. I can get two meals for the price of one. I limit the amount of calories I consume in one meal. And I don’t have to worry about what to have for lunch the next day.

The problem with leftovers is the take-out container. Most of them are made out of foam or plastic. It seems like most restaurants carry only one size – extra-large. It drives me crazy to put half a sandwich in a container large enough for a pizza.

I try to skip the take-out container and wrap my food up in the napkin I used with my meal. But this obviously doesn’t work for foods like pasta. And it isn’t the most feasible option for carrying my food when I plan to be walking around for a while after dinner.

To cut down on waste and do my part for the environment, I started carrying reusable food containers in my car. Now, when I go out to eat, I stick a container in the diaper bag and use it for my leftovers. I prefer the containers from LunchBots but any of the containers from this list of food and snack containers would work.

LunchBots even makes thermal containers for those restaurant leftovers that you need to keep warm or cold. This has been fantastic for me because I don’t always head right home after dinner, and I can’t tell you the number of times I have had to throw out food that has been sitting in the car too long.

Do a good deed and ditch those disposable take-out containers!

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