Good Deed #1 – DIY Bird Feeders

Good Deed 1 DIY Homemade bird feeder from pumpkin

For our first of 52 good deeds this year, Monster and I created bird feeders.  I have had this on my list of things to do for years now.  The goal was to feed some hungry birds and encourage wildlife to visit our home.  Plus, we recycled a pumpkin left over from Thanksgiving to make the bird feeder using this idea from Martha Stewart.

DIY Homemade bird feeder from pumpkin

Monster is having a blast watching all of the birds visit the feeders.  We try to identify each one (a little homeschooling worked in).  And he is so excited that he is helping to feed animals during a time when food is not easy to find.

Once the pumpkin rots, we will replace it with a bird feeder constructed out of a milk jug like this bird feeder or this one.

For more ideas for DIY bird feeders, visit my bird feeders Pinterest board.

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