Shopping Guide: Baby Clothes

There are so many options for green baby and kids clothes that we can’t possibly feature them all! ┬áSo we have put together a list of brands (to save you…

Shopping Guide: Maternity Clothes

There are so many options for maternity and nursing clothes that we can’t possibly feature them all! So we have put together a list of brands (to save you some trouble). Happy shopping!

Shopping Guide: Cloth Diapers

There are so many options for cloth diapers that we can’t possibly feature them all! So we have put together a list of brands (to save you some trouble). Happy shopping!

Shopping Guide: Toys

There are so many options for toys that we can’t possibly feature them all! So (to save you some trouble) we have put together a list of some toy stores that offer a great selection of more natural toys. Happy shopping!

Sticking it to Non-Stick

I have decided to avoid non-stick coating at all costs. Why? Because it is full of pretty nasty stuff. Toxic chemicals in non-stick coatings have been linked to cancer, birth defects and more. Here are some ways that I avoid non-stick coatings and other PFCs.

Why I am a Lessetarian

I’ve been reading a lot lately about why we shouldn’t eat meat. I have always wanted to be a vegetarian for these reasons, but I like meat. So I became a lessetarian.

Go Outside and Play – 30 Fun Activities to Do Outside with Kids

When the sun is bright and the air is warm, my three-year-old and I both have this uncontrollable urge to be outside. In an effort to keep him entertained, I have come up with a whole list of fun things to do outside.

Yes, I am One of “Those”

I am proud to admit that I am one of those crunchy, granola, green, nature-loving treehuggers. Although I am lucky enough to live in an area where the green lifestyle is not only accepted but is bordering on the norm, feedback to my natural preferences has not always been positive.

Must Stop Buying Stuff

I recently had an epiphany . . . I buy way too many things. But I made a commitment to stop buying so much stuff.

My Journey to Become a Locavore

Buying local food and goods saves energy, results in fresher and more nutritious food, and supports your community. It’s also a great opportunity to educate your children about where food comes from.

Out of Control Junk Mail?

When I had a baby, it seemed like the catalog companies knew about it before anyone else did. All of a sudden, I was overloaded by catalogs selling baby toys, breast pumps, children’s clothing, and more. I learned some great tricks for stopping junk mail.

The Dangers in Kids’ Jewelry

I am a big fan of paying a little bit more to purchase quality items that will last. So when I heard the latest news about the dangerous toxins in children’s jewelry, it only affirmed my belief that everyone should stop buying junk costume jewelry from China for their kids.

Germs and Babies Don’t Mix

When my baby was born, I turned into a germaphobe. I saw germs everywhere – on the floor, on restaurant tables, on his toys. And the hardest part was that I was just as afraid of the chemicals in the cleaning products as I was of the germs. So I found ways to clean these things naturally.

My Fight to Bring my own Bag

Other than recycling, one of the first changes I made in my attempt to be a green mom was to bring my own bags when I went shopping. It started with the grocery store and now I try to remember to bring a bag everywhere I go.

How I Have Gone Green

I am by no means perfect when it comes to being a green mommy. My most valued luxury is taking long baths, and I do occasionally indulge in processed foods. When I first heard about the idea of living a natural lifestyle, I immediately thought it would be too expensive and too difficult. It wasn’t until I became pregnant that I gave the whole movement any serious thought.

Donate Your Hair

You can help save the world with a haircut. Donate your hair to create a hairpiece for a child in need or use it to clean up an oil spill.

About One Part Sunshine

Thanks for visiting One Part Sunshine! My name is Cindy, and I am a green mom to a 4-year-old son. I started this website because I was interested in using only the safest and most natural products for my baby.

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Hi! My name is Cindy. I am a green mom to a sweet baby girl and a creative big boy. One Part Sunshine is a place to share my experiences raising my kids in the safest and most natural way possible. My degrees in chemical engineering and law gave me the confidence to start this blog but my family gave me the inspiration. When I’m not blogging, I’m homeschooling, crafting, cooking, gardening, knitting, hiking and occasionally relaxing in my country home outside the Blue Ridge Mountains. I believe that green parenting is not all-or-nothing…

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