DIY Halloween (The Lightning Bug Costume)

About a month ago, I asked Monster, “So what do you want to be for Halloween?”  His answer: “A lightning bug.”  Of course, I was extremely happy with his answer.  I was dreading that he would say something like Buzz Lightyear and I would be forced to go to a Halloween super center in order to find his costume.  But a lightning bug I could do . . . somehow.

Now it is the day after Halloween and I am pleased to report that the lightning bug/firefly costume was a huge success.  And I was able to do it without buying anything!  It was cheap, green and safe.  Here is how I did it:

First, I started with black pants (his own), a black shirt (his own), black gloves (mine), blackish shoes (his), and a black knit hat (his dad’s).  I stuck two black pipe cleaners into the hat to use as antennae.

DIY Homemade Firefly Lightning Bug Costume for Halloween - front view

Second, I created an extra pair of legs (because bugs have six of course) from a pair of my black knee-high socks stuffed with old fabric and given support using wire hangers.  I attached them to his undershirt using safety pins.

Third, we created a pair of firefly wings using an old cardboard box and black paint.  My husband threaded one of his black belts through a hole in the wings and then wrapped it around Monster’s shoulders.

DIY Homemade Firefly Lightning Bug Costume for Halloween - back view

Fourth, I created a glowing firefly bottom by shaping a wire hanger into the appropriate shape.  I taped battery-powered holiday lights onto the hanger and the wrapped the whole thing in yellow fabric.  I hung the end of the hanger on the belt that we were using to secure the wings.

Finally, I drew big bug eyes on Monster using Nova Natural face pencils (a gift for Christmas last year).

DIY Homemade Firefly Lightening Bug Costume for Halloween - face

Monster was delighted with the results and he received tons of compliments.  My favorite part was that he was very easy to see on the dark streets because of the glowing bottom!

We didn’t have to worry about handing out treats this year because we don’t really have any neighbors out here in the country.  But we did go trick-or-treating in his cousins’ neighborhood.  I allowed him to pick out a few of his favorite treats (and tried not to cringe as he ate them) and we are using the rest for science and art projects.  He plans to build a house out of candy so we will see how that goes.

I hope all of you had a Happy Halloween!