Cool Green iPhone Apps

As an iPhone owner, I am constantly in search of new apps for my phone.  There are some pretty amazing applications out there, including some tools to help you go green.
Here is a short list of some green apps that I have found:
GoodGuide iPhone app for finding toxins in cleaning products and cosmetics
  • GreenCard – Lets you create an electronic business card that you can share with all of your contacts.  No need to waste paper on standard business cards.
  • Coupon Sherpa – Provides in-store coupons right on your iPhone.  Eliminates the need to print out coupons and waste paper.
  • Yowza – Finds deals and coupons in your geographic area.  Eliminates the need to print out coupons and waste paper.
  • Fuel Saver – Monitors your driving habits so you can save on gas.
  • MeterRead – Monitors your energy usage so you save money and help the planet.
  • ACTPrinter – Lets you print any document from your computer to your iPhone.  Saves paper and lets you scan barcodes directly on your phone.
  • Yoink! – Basically Freecycle on the iPhone.  Give stuff away that you don’t need or get stuff that others are giving away.
  • GoodGuide – Scan in barcodes using your iPhone and get detailed ratings on the product’s health, environment and social responsibility.
  • Green Tips – It does what it says – gives you tips on going green.
  • Carbon Footprint – Helps you track fuel usage for your cars.
  • GreenMeter – Evaluates your driving so you can save on fuel costs and increase efficiency.  Also computes your car’s power and fuel usage characteristics.
  • pConsumpt – Lets you manage your consumption of energy, natural gas, heating oil and water.
  • Get Green – Sends you daily tips on going green.
  • Seafood Guide – Helps you choose sustainable seafood and protect the world’s oceans from overfishing.
  • Dirty Dozen – Helps you determine which fruits and vegetables have the most and least amount of pesticides.
  • What’s Fresh – Helps you choose the freshest foods by telling you which fruits and vegetables are in season in your area.
  • Greenpeace Tissue Guide – Helps you determine which tissues, paper towels and toilet paper have the highest amount of recycled content.
  • Seventh Generation Label Reading Guide – Tells you what those suspect ingredients are in your everyday products.
  • Carticipate – Post your driving plans and coordinate ride shares and carpools.
  • Find Green – Find green and sustainable businesses near you.
  • iRecycle – Find recycling locations near you as well as green events.
  • Kindle – Read books on your iPhone or iPad and stop using paper.
  • iBooks – Another great app for reading books on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Locavore – Tells you what fruits and vegetables are in season near you as well as where to find them.
  • Better World Shopper – Grades corporations based on whether they are good corporate citizens.
  • My Recycle List – Find recycling centers near you that accept specific items.
  • iGreenpeace – Download to support Greenpeace, get news from Greenpeace, and play a game with Alex the Penguin.
  • EWG’s Sunscreen Buyer’s Guide – Provides rankings on 500 different sunscreens and tells you whether they contain ingredients that should be avoided.

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