10 Years is a Long Time

happy anniversay to my husband

To my devoted husband:

Happy Anniversary!  We have been married 10 long years.  I say “long years” not because they were bad but because a lot has happened during that time.

We went from being strangers to acquaintances to dating to roommates to husband-and-wife all within the 18 months.  During our time together, you were an airman, college student, graduate student, resident and doctor.  I was a patent examiner, law student, lawyer, consultant and business owner.  We were cat parents to 5 different cats and then baby parents to 1 beautiful son.  We lived in 7 different homes together in 2 different states and 4 different cities.

During all those years and all of those changes, I loved you more and more.  We certainly had our issues and marriage has not been easy.  But it has all been more than worth it.  You have been my best friend.  You make me laugh.  You have supported every decision I have made – whether it has been good or not!  You gave me a brilliant and witty little boy who has your brains and your musical ear.  And, if given the choice, I would do it all over again.

I love that you have always stood by me and my crazy decisions.  You stood by my choice to go to law school even though you knew I wouldn’t want to be a lawyer.  You stood by my decision to quit being a lawyer even though I spent a ton of money on my education.  You didn’t say a word when I decided to start my own consulting company even though you were in school full-time and we had no other way to support ourselves.  And you accepted and even encouraged my desire to sink all of our savings into a green parenting website.  You have supported every hobby and every project that I have started.

I am incredibly proud of you for working so hard to be the man you are today.  Despite certain hurdles you had to overcome, you have turned out to be kind, gentle, hard-working and successful.  You turned your life around instead of giving up and doing what everyone expected you to do.  And now you are a brilliant psychologist, a loving dad and a supportive husband.

I feel lucky and proud to have you as my husband.  I love you!

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